Sunday, June 12, 2011

These are No Women of Respect

And I certainly don't feel sorry for any of them.

I'm talking about the women of "Mob Wives," yet another show from the Italian-American History Channel better known as VH1. Along with its sister channel MTV, these two channels are single-handedly responsible for setting back the Italian-American experience about 100 years.

But they're not what this is about.

This about a TV critic writing in the Orion (Illinois) Gazette online site. One Melissa Crawley.

In a review of the show "Mob Wives," our Ms. Crawley lets us know that "Mob Wives," while about Italian-American women (actually the ex-wives and daughters of mobsters) is in no way similar to other IA train wrecks like "Jersey Shore." Why? Well, I'll let Ms. Cawley explain it:

"The women of “Mob Wives” are rough and coarse and in many ways reflect just as poorly upon the media image of Italian-Americans as their fellow reality show casts. The difference is that unlike the casts who are basically drunk and/or stupid and happen to be of Italian descent, these women are documenting the harsh truth of one Italian-American experience."

In many ways reflect poorly on IAs? How about in every way?

But, hey, it gets better. This is my favorite part of the article:
"Their lives may reflect yet another all too familiar connection between crime and generations of Italians in America but that doesn't mean their voices should be ignored. I respect that they own the choices they made and are now painfully, sharing the fallout."
So, let me get this straight. They are more "real" than Snooki and the gang at "Jersey Shore" because these "Mob Wives" are/were married to and related to real-life mobsters.

These women have earned Ms. Cawley's respect because they "own" their choices. By owning I guess she means cashing in on their names–Gravano, et al. And they are "painfully" sharing the fallout. I guess by that she means they are finding it hard to live the life of luxury with their spouses/meal-tickets in prison.

My fellow IA blogger Greg has a great piece about our Ms. Cawley's review on his blog ItalianAware.

Life's tough when you have to "own" your choice of marrying a mobster, acquiring every piece of jewelry you ever wanted, eating at the best restaurants and being catered to because people fear your psychopath husband and his hair-trigger temper.

How about "owning" the choice your husband made to have his enemies killed? Or "owning" the killing of innocent bystanders who happened to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time when your husband was having an argument with one of his fellow mobsters.

These women don't deserve anyone's respect. And they certainly don't deserve to be paid to be on TV, pretending they're victims of their husband's crimes.

The women who truly deserve respect are the family members of those innocent victims killed by the "Mob Wives" husbands. The ones who live every day of their lives missing their spouses who were taken from them prematurely and violently. These women who don't go on TV complaining how hard their lives are because their low-life husbands are in jail and it's crimping their lifestyles are the ones who deserve our respect.