Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IA Bashing Goes to Washington

Yes, it has happened again.

This time the offending party is Republican House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia. Cantor's spokesperson sent out this highly offensive video mashup in response to the Union AFSCME taking Cantor to task for leading the charge against President Barack Obama's Stimulus Bill.

Cantor, obviously, disavows any knowledge of the video. That's not him on the voice over. And his staff is not responsible for putting the video together. They just thought this parody would be a funny way to respond to AFSCME. Apparently his staff has a lot of time on their hands. Plenty of time to troll YouTube for videos that would make -- in their estimation -- a good response to AFSCME.

The video, of course, is not funny. It takes an actual AFSCME Public Service Announcement from the 1970s and ads a voice over in a bad Tony Soprano accent. It's laced with profanity. It's offensive. And it's juvenile.

And the funny part is, Cantor makes a big deal of being "anti-profanity." He recently came out against profanity as disgusting and damaging to society. Apparently the hypocrisy that is at the core of the Republican Party is not damaging to society.

Since Cantor is Jewish, why didn't his staff look for any videos with a Jewish-sounding voice over? Why pick one with an Italian accent?

I'll tell you why. Because if they had found one with a Jewish-sounding voice over, Cantor would have been drawn and quartered in the media, by his Republican colleagues, every Jewish group in existence and just about anyone breathing (as he rightly should be). He never would even consider releasing a "parody" like that. If someone on his staff would have done something like that, how quickly -- and how publicly -- would Cantor have him or her fired?

Picking the Italian-sounding one was a safe bet. No one would complain too loudly about it. It's acceptable to bash Italians. We're fair game.

Apparently I'm not the only IA not pleased by this. John Amato at CrooksAndLiars also is not amused.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whatsa Matter? You No like a Da Calzone?

According to the Associated Press, the owner of a Goomba's Pizza in Florida pistol-whipped and beat a customer because he complained about the calzone he ordered.

In what I can only assume is an attempt at humor (it fails miserably at it, by the way) a web site called News Blaze -- which claims to be an independent source of news the mainstream outlets won't cover -- their writer on "Politics, Pop Culture and Pointless Pontification" (they at least got the pointless point right) has this to say about the Pizza Incident:

I have no sympathy for the victim, you don't complain that your calzone was prepared incorrectly to the owner of a joint named 'Goomba's Pizzeria.' That's like complaining to the owner of Hell's Angels Motorcycle Sales and Repairs that he installed a muffler incorrectly. He's lucky Mr. Goomba restrained himself, and merely gave him a well-deserved pistol-whipping.
He also gives a definition of the "word" Goomba, from UrbanDictionary.com. The fact that UrbanDictionary.com is a Wikipedia-like outfit that lets anyone contribute definitions to the site (and apparently, unlike Wikipedia, doesn't attempt to check the accuracy of the definitions contributed) doesn't seem to make much of a difference to the author of the News Blaze piece.

The author ends the piece with some advice for the victim of the Pizzeria's rage.
My advice for the hapless customer is to stick to Domino's Pizza, they won't send a hit man after you for complaining that your pizza wasn't delivered on time.
Sheesh. As I said, I hope this is supposed to be funny. While that won't make it less offensive on every level, it will go a long way to explaining why the piece was published in the first place.

Then again, it probably won't.

But what can you expect? The Goomba's Pizzeria chain is so offensive on every level, that it only seems fitting.