Thursday, July 17, 2008

His Name is Dino so He Must be Mobbed Up, Right?

The fact that people think they can still get away with this crap is amazing.

The Democratic Party of Washington State recently ran an online video ad critical of GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi (seen here at left), accusing him of "big money support" for the state's Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW). Nothing too unusual there in a political campaign, right?

Well -- and as if you couldn't guess what's coming next -- apparently the Dems just couldn't leave well-enough alone. They had to ad just that little extra twist. They included the theme song from "The Sopranos" as the background music.

A Democratic Party spokesman told the Associated Press that the use of "The Sopranos" music was not intended to link Rossi with Organized Crime. But as the party knows full well, that's the association many people will come away with after seeing the ad. And that's in addition to all the people that think Rossi is connected just because he's Italian-American.

According to Luke Esser, Republican State Party chairman, the video intended to shift the focus away from Gov. Christine Gregoire's alleged ethical lapses.

"Gov. Gregoire's political operatives have engaged in bigotry with this web video in order to shift the focus away from the ethical clouds surrounding [Gov. Chris] Gregoire," Esser said in a statement. "This video is offensive to every Italian-American in this state and should not be tolerated."
The Democratic Party in a statement defended their choice of music by saying it is a "catchy song" and that it "jibed stylistically" with their message about Rossi and his close association with the BIAW.

Doesn't that directly contradict their original statement saying they never intended to associate Rossi with the Mafia?

The Dems said they'd continue to run the ad, but they'll replace the music with a different song this time. I can't wait to see what they pick this time. Maybe the theme from "The Godfather"?

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