Friday, March 23, 2007

Arrivederci Tony

On April 8, The Sopranos begins its final season.

To some, this is very good news. To others, it's depressing. But no matter what you think about the show, you have to admit it's first-class entertainment.

Check out the trailer for the final season. The trailer alone is an amazing piece of film:

Once the show goes off the air, can we finally get over ourselves and stop blaming it for the "Decline and Fall of the Italian-American Empire"? The Sopranos is a fictional television show about a fictional New Jersey Mafia family. It's not a documentary about Italian-Americans in general. It is intended as entertainment. It is not intended to be a window into the lives of Italian-Americans. It is intended to be a window into the lives of a small percentage of people who are Italian-American. It is not representative of all of us, just some of us.

OK. Are we clear? Sheesh.