Monday, December 11, 2006

Stereotype Masquerading as a Review

I realize that many blogs are just the writer's opinions (as IAAMS is) but when IA stereotypes masquerade as a restaurant review, there's something terribly wrong.

Case in point, a recent posting in Gridskipper, which bills itself as an "Urban Travel Guide" to all things Brooklyn. The posting was supposed to be a review of the Fortunato Brothers pastry shop in Williamsburg. The blogger obviously wasn't very impressed with the pastries or the coffee.

However, there was one thing that left an impression on the blogger:

Every morning a gaggle of old Italian men can be found lounging in the expansive store, speaking rapid fire dialect over espresso while the two large-boned owners, the sons of the original Fortunato, hit on the waitresses. So it's authentic.

Actually, the blogger did a pretty good job of stuffing nearly all the major IA stereotypes into two short sentences. A decent bit of atmosphere, too. But the blogger blew it by throwing in the last sentence: "So it's authentic."

At least there was no mention of the Mafia in this piece. Which in this case, sadly, would have been entirely appropriate because Mario Fortunato, whose family owns the bakery, is reputed to be a member of the Genovese Family.

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