Wednesday, October 11, 2006

T.G.I. Friday's Just Doesn't Get It

The restaurant chain T.G.I. Friday's is promoting its "$4 Radically New Appetizers" with stereotypes and cliches. And guess which ethnic group they use to promote their "Sizzling Triple Meat Fundido"? That's right, the good ole Guido. Since the "Fundido" is like a pizza, I guess Friday's figured who better to promote it than an Italian-American.

The actor portraying the Guido trots out all the typical stereotypical phrases and hand gestures. he complains the Fundido "isn't even a pizza" and that there's no way to fold it and eat it. Then he mentions that he has "a cousin that knows a guy..." The tag line is that "He Just Doesn't Get It."

Apparently what he doesn't get is that the new appetizers are so radically different that you have to look at them in a whole new way. What Friday's doesn't get is that it could have used an IA character that wasn't stereotypical to get its point across. The Guidio is the worst IA stereotype of them all. But I guess because its is such a gross exaggeration of that type of IA, it is almost a farce. And that's apparently entertaining to a lot of people.

Unfortunately, it's also denegrating to a lot of people. Not to mention in poor taste. And taste is something that a restaurant chain should care a lot about.

Check out the videos for Friday's new appetizers here.

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Anonymous said...

non la mangerei mai quella pizza...