Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Et Tu Shoe?

Even in cartoons we are not safe from the stereotypes. Though that shouldn't be surprising.

The latest infraction comes from "Shoe," a cartoon about birds from Chris Cassatt and Gary Brookins that runs in numerous newspapers in the US. The cartoonists describe their characters like this:

Whether they are arguing about The Perfesser’s bad writing or offering each other advice on the opposite sex, the treetop crew of characters maintains a comical, spirited banter.

In a recent cartoon, Shoe goes to the bar and meets Guido (complete with cigar and Fedora hat). Shoes asks "how the Wiseguy business" is going. Guido says it's not so good because he had to lay off a judge and two cops.

Guido is obviously an Italian gangster. The cartoon is not funny. What's the point?

Check out the full cartoon here.