Thursday, June 01, 2006

So many Cliches. So Little Space.

It's amazing how many cliched stereotypes about Italian-Americans one can fit into a measly 238 words about Hillary Clinton introducing her husband (Former President Bill Clinton for those who just arrived from Mars) at a Sons of Italy function.

In an unsigned blog entitled "He Sleeps with the Fishes" on the conservative online site, Human Events Online, the writer had a bit of fun with Hillary Clinton's bumping guest Joe Mantegna at the last minute. Here's what he (or she) had to say about the event:

Last Thursday, Bill Clinton gave the keynote address to the 18th annual Sons of Italy gala in DC. He was originally supposed to be introduced by celebrity Italian-American Joe Mantegna, who is best known for his Italiocentric roles in Godfather III, The Last Don I and II, and in The Simpsons as "Fat Tony." But hours before the event, Mantegna was whacked by one of the most ruthless and remorseless bosses around–Hillary. According to Roll Call, she told the event organizers that she would be introducing her husband, and apparently it was an offer they couldn't refuse. So goodbye, Tony-award winning Italian American, hello WASP woman who is looking for Italian-American votes in 2006 and beyond.

You can read the whole blog here.

It's truly a masterful job of writing, considering the subject was Hillary Clinton and not Joe Mantegna. To be fair, the writer also dissed Hillary and Bill as well, alluding to their sex life in the piece.

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