Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here We Go Again

A California-based film company called Clear Cut Film Technology Studios (formerly Trans-Global Holdings) is developing several television and film projects with, you guessed it, mafia themes.

According to a company press release, these projects are in the works:

MAFIA FILES: a 12-Episode TV Series

This made for TV series will take you through a walk through time with real Mafia Dons illustrating real events that took place over time. These episodes will answer questions that have lurked in our minds over time, for example,"Who really killed Kennedy"/"What happened to Jimmy Hoffa". The real question is, can people handle the truth.

And then there's this one:

TRACK EM & WACK EM: A Reality TV Show and Possible Video Game

The object of this TV Show will be to have contestants traveling from point A to Point B without getting whacked. Each successful round will yield points. At the end of the season the contestant with the highest points gets to enter "The Competition" in Las Vegas.

It's hard to tell from the description if the last one has a mafia theme, but the use of the term "whacked" is suspect. Still, it sounds horrible just the same.

They also have something in development called "Sal and His Pals," but there's no information about it in the press release or on the company's web site.

All I can say to this is, Ugh!

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